What The Bulls Need To See

Today (10/2/14), the market sold off early but rallied back on strong volume. Here are my thoughts: 1) I like how the Russell 2000 $IWM undercut the low it made earlier this year (2/5/14) and outperformed today. The index has led us on the way down. Now, we need to see if it can lead [...]

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Don’t Short Addictions

When humans stress, we all have the need to reach for something. For some it's food, a cigarette, alcohol, coffee, drugs, gambling or anything else that might put us in a different state of mind so we don't have to deal with our problems. This isn't an article about psychology because I am not a [...]

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2014 Outlook

First of all, this is NOT a prediction post. I used to post them for fun in the past, but that's all they were...for fun. I'm not a big fan of predictions because 1) NO ONE knows where the market it going and 2) We are all allowed to change our minds based on the information [...]

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