What The Bulls Need To See

Today (10/2/14), the market sold off early but rallied back on strong volume. Here are my thoughts: 1) I like how the Russell 2000 $IWM undercut the low it made earlier this year (2/5/14) and outperformed today. The index has led us on the way down. Now, we need to see if it can lead [...]

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Updated Thoughts on the Recent Price Action

I always try to keep an open mind when it comes to the stock market. I look at the positive and negative signs and adjust my investment levels accordingly. Unfortunately, I am seeing more negative signs right now and feel that some caution is warranted. NEGATIVES: 1) The number one sign I use to evaluate [...]

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Trade Idea of the Week: Tesla Motors

I continue to like $TSLA for the following reasons: 1) Fundamentals - The company has strong sales growth and its earnings are projected to grow +53% in 2014 and +166% in 2015. I wouldn't be surprised to see these estimates raised as they continue to expand internationally and add new models. 2) Technicals - The [...]

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A Few Thoughts About The Recent Price Action

1) On Monday afternoon, I heard the financial media say there was too much risk in holding stocks overnight. If you listened to them, then you probably got scared and sold some of your stocks. 2) If you watched or listened to the price action, you would have seen that volume was light and many [...]

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Two Reasons The Market Will Make New Highs Later This Year

REASON #1 As many of you know, I use the price action of leading stocks to help me determine the overall health of the market. Everything else is just noise. When the market corrected in June, I thought we could be heading into a deeper correction...but something interesting happened. As I did my nightly screening work [...]

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