Weekend Market Video 4/4/20

Here is the link to my New Educational Product: The purpose of this video is to share some of my experiences from 21 years of trading, provide education and market commentary. If you have any questions, you can email me directly at Thank you for watching and good luck trading!   Follow me [...]

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Market Thoughts Into Year-End

I sent this note out to my clients earlier in the week. If you are interested in our Managed Account Products, please email me at: After QE-1 ended, the market dropped -17%. After QE-2 ended, the market dropped -21%. Now that Operation Twist/QE-3 is over, many believe the market will drop again. In my [...]

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Caution Warranted

Last weekend, I wrote a post about the lack of "New Ideas" in this market. On Tuesday night, I posted a video saying I was "short-term cautious." I know it hasn't paid to say ANYTHING bearish over the past 18 months because EVERY DIP has been bought, but this pullback feels different. I'm noticing that [...]

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A Seasonally Strong Time of the Year

Nothing has changed with my Fourth Quarter Game Plan that I outlined on 9/16/13. 1) There will be no Fed taper until next year. 2) The S&P 500 could see +5-7% upside from here, but individual stocks could potentially see significantly more upside. My feeling is that individual stock pickers will be rewarded more than [...]

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Two Reasons The Market Will Make New Highs Later This Year

REASON #1 As many of you know, I use the price action of leading stocks to help me determine the overall health of the market. Everything else is just noise. When the market corrected in June, I thought we could be heading into a deeper correction...but something interesting happened. As I did my nightly screening work [...]

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Three Summer Scenarios

On 5/28/13, I wrote a blog post about how I lightened up my equity exposure. The S&P 500 was at 1660 and proceeded to drop over 60 points. When the S&P 500 found support on its 50-day moving average (around 1600 on 6/6/13), I began to increase my exposure as discussed here. Since then, the [...]

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