2017 Second Half Outlook

We will continue to see more upside into year-end for the following reasons: 1) Strength leads to more strength. Traditionally, when the early parts of the year are strong, the strength continues into year-end. For example, since 1945, January and February have both been positive 27 times (as it was this year). The market finished [...]

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A Few Thoughts on Monday’s Selloff

At first, you might laugh at the title and say: "What selloff? The market was only down -0.41%." Keep in mind I mainly trade individual growth stocks and beneath the surface, there was some damage today. 1) Relative to how much the general market was down, an abnormal amount of stocks were down over -4% on Monday. [...]

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New Highs Coming Soon

Based on my work this weekend and the recent price action, it feels like the market wants to breakout to new highs over the next 3-6 weeks.  I came into the year cautious, and that proved to be wise as the market has been extremely volatile to start the year. I don't think they will [...]

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