Stocks Showing Great Relative Strength

The following is a video of stocks showing relative strength. The purpose of this video is to pass along some of my experiences from 18 years of trading, and to provide education and market commentary. If you have any questions, you can email me directly at Thank you for watching and good luck trading! [...]

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A Few Thoughts on Monday’s Selloff

At first, you might laugh at the title and say: "What selloff? The market was only down -0.41%." Keep in mind I mainly trade individual growth stocks and beneath the surface, there was some damage today. 1) Relative to how much the general market was down, an abnormal amount of stocks were down over -4% on Monday. [...]

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Fox Business Video: Bullish Market Outlook

The following Fox Business video is a market discussion I had today (2/16/15) with JC Parets and Liz Claman. Watch the latest video at <a href=""></a> I can be reached at: Follow me on Twitter @jfahmy Follow me on StockTwits @jfahmy Tickers discussed in this video: $DIA $IBB $IWM $MDY $QQQ $SPY $XLE $XLF [...]

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New Highs Coming Soon

Based on my work this weekend and the recent price action, it feels like the market wants to breakout to new highs over the next 3-6 weeks.  I came into the year cautious, and that proved to be wise as the market has been extremely volatile to start the year. I don't think they will [...]

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Don’t Fight The Liquidity

Earlier today, the European Central Bank (ECB) announced their version of Quantitative Easing (QE). As I have been saying for a long time, we're in a liquidity driven market fueled by a globally coordinated effort to keep rates low and the markets high. Although I came into the year short-term cautious (which was wise due to [...]

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4 Tips for Trading Biotech Stocks

The Biotech sector has been a leading group for years now. I get many questions on how to trade these stocks, so here are a few tips: 1) DO NOT trade anything you are not comfortable with. There is nothing worse than being nervous in a position. Why? Because we tend to make horrible decisions [...]

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Short-term Cautious

As I have mentioned for the last year or two, I still think the Nasdaq Composite eventually gets to its old March 2000 high of around 5100-5200. It will probably get there over the next 6-18 months, however, it will not be an easy ride up. There will be pullbacks, shakeouts, and quick corrections along [...]

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What The Bulls Need To See

Today (10/2/14), the market sold off early but rallied back on strong volume. Here are my thoughts: 1) I like how the Russell 2000 $IWM undercut the low it made earlier this year (2/5/14) and outperformed today. The index has led us on the way down. Now, we need to see if it can lead [...]

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