Follow Up to Second Half Outlook

At the beginning of the month, I posted my 2016 Second Half Outlook. I know it is VERY early, but so far the blueprint is working out well: 1) The Brexit decline at the end of June may have been the last shakeout before the market finally breaks out of its two-years range. Many times before big [...]

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7th Year of a Bull Market? How about a NEW Bull Market!

I keep reading that we are in the 7th year of a Bull Market. I don't buy it! Why? Because we have been in a Bear Market for the past year. Although the S&P 500 didn't correct by the popular "Bear Market definition" of -20%, the majority of stocks got decimated beneath the surface. Energy [...]

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2016 Second Half Outlook

In the past two years, the S&P 500 has essentially gone nowhere, frustrating the majority of investors. We have seen three "V bottoms" (shown in the chart below) where the market shoots down about -10% (resulting in losses), only to grind right back up as if nothing happened. Also, beneath the surface, many sectors corrected [...]

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The Biggest Question On Traders’ Minds

The market has bounced nicely the past two days after the Brexit selloff. Now, here's the biggest question on traders' minds: Is this just a normal oversold bounce before the market heads lower? Or was the Brexit selloff just an overreaction and a non-event before we go higher? Of course, no one knows the answer [...]

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Reviewing the Market’s Positives and Negatives

I always keep an open mind when it comes to the stock market. I look at the positive and negative signs and adjust my client's investment levels accordingly. I was fairly constructive on the market coming into last week, mainly because the price action was very strong. Unfortunately, the Brexit vote caught many people off [...]

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Shut Out The Noise

Back in December 2012, there was non-stop talk about the Fiscal Cliff. Everyone was on edge and the market would experience sudden movements on any headline or politician commenting about the year-end vote. When the vote passed, the market gapped up +2.5% on January 2, 2013 and didn't look back. So many fund managers were [...]

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Market Resilience

I stick to my call that the Dow will reach 20,000 by year-end. Do I think it will be a straight line up? Of course not. Will we see shakeouts, pullbacks and quick corrections along the way? Absolutely. However, since I made the call (around Dow 17,500), the market has been very resilient, especially considering [...]

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No One On Wall Street Is Making This Call

For the past month, I've been telling people that the market is going much higher and they all look at me like I have 3 heads and I'm speaking a foreign language. I am one of the only people on Wall St calling for a 10-20% rise this year and here are my 4 reasons [...]

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No One Is Bullish

Here is a quick recap of what's happened so far this year: January started with a 10% correction and many potential investors I spoke to were borderline suicidal. That's not an exaggeration. They couldn't sleep, they couldn't eat, and many cashed out near the lows. I think their emotional reaction was due to a market [...]

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The Best Thing The Market Has Going For It Right Now

People are happy when they are making progress and moving forward in their lives. With regards to the financial markets, progress means making money. It doesn't necessarily mean making crazy returns, but people are generally pleased when their accounts are moving forward in a slow and steady manner. I've talked to many people in the [...]

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