Why The Pain Trade Is Higher

Six weeks before the election, I wrote an article for Yahoo Finance titled "The Market Is Forecasting a Donald Trump Victory.” In 24 hours after the post, I received over 500 hate emails. I have no problem with that part but I did have a problem with people reacting on emotion rather than using rational [...]

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Late Night Thoughts On The Election

I'm writing this post very late on Tuesday night with the Dow Futures down over -700 points. It's late, we're all exhausted, but I'd like to make a few points: 1) If you are being a drama queen about this election, please stop! This isn't "the worst thing that has happened to you in your [...]

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No One Is Bigger Than The Game

I started writing a blog post about the different market scenarios that could occur after the election and I quickly realized that anything can happen. For example, a Clinton win could result in a relief rally or a drop in the market if the recent selling is due to something other than the election (inflation, [...]

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Is The Stock Market Predicting A Trump Victory?

My job is to interpret what I see in the stock market and the market is forecasting a Donald Trump victory. That is one of the reasons why the market has been strong and will continue to be strong. Contrary to what you hear from almost everyone in the media, the market will NOT crash [...]

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Fourth Quarter Game Plan

Back in April, I made a call that the Dow will hit 20,000 by year-end. I stick to this call and feel the market will surge higher in the fourth quarter for the following reasons: 1) Technicals – Since the Brexit event in June, the market has been under strong accumulation by the big institutions. [...]

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Guess What Just Happened Again?

Last Friday (Sept. 9), the market saw its biggest drop since Brexit and the same psychological pattern happened again: A huge spike in fear. I have said this over and over for the past few years. The market will have pullbacks and shakeouts, but it will not see a SUSTAINED correction if everyone is expecting [...]

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Bull Markets Are Born On Pessimism

One part of my investment philosophy is to gauge investor sentiment. Specifically, I like to use it from a contrarian point of view. In other words, I don't want to be bullish when everyone else is and vice versa. One problem that occurs frequently is there are so many different sentiment surveys that they often [...]

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Dissecting My Trade In ACIA

In early July, I mentioned a stock on my blog called Acacia Communications (Symbol: ACIA). I bought it for my clients and the stock has more than doubled since then. I received many emails asking me what I saw in the stock, so here is the anatomy of my trade: 1) (see chart) ACIA came [...]

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10 Great Jesse Livermore Quotes

Jesse Livermore was one of the greatest traders who ever lived. You can read more about him here. He has so many great quotes, but here are a few of my favorites: 1) The stock market is never obvious. It is designed to fool most of the people, most of the time. 2) Play the market [...]

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Sell Everything???

Last Friday afternoon, Reuters ran a story about Jeffrey Gundlach, the chief executive of DoubleLine Capital. He is advising people to "sell everything" because "nothing here looks good." While I have tremendous respect for Mr. Gundlach, I completely disagree with this statement for the following reasons: 1) For a guy who is nicknamed the "Bond [...]

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