Here is the link to my Educational Product:

When I started my Educational Product in mid-March, one of the first things I did was post the following video on Artificial Intelligence (on 3/21/20). This is a sector that I believe has very strong long-term potential and I wanted to present Members with some idea generation. Since this video, I have mentioned these ideas several times in my twice a week Market Videos and discussed safe entry points for all these stocks. Here is their performance since the March 21st video (as of 5/24/20):

SDGR +79.4%
ICAD +52.9%
BTAI +183.3%
NVDA +75.5%
AYX +55.1%
BOTZ (ETF) +45.5%

I also added another stock to this list last week for Members that is already up +12.1%. Full disclosure, I currently own all these stocks for clients (except for SDGR which I sold into strength last week and the BOTZ ETF). I present this video (recorded on 3/21/20) to give people an idea of the in-depth research and idea generation that I am providing in my new product. In addition to over 4 hours of seminar videos, I produce videos twice a week with market analysis, stock ideas, and regular webinars. My next Stock Screening Webinar is this Monday, May 25th at 7PM EST. If you are interested in this type of content, you can sign up here:

I can be reached at:

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