The purpose of this blog post is idea generation and to show you how I combine fundamentals, technicals and option activity to help increase my probabilities in the stock market. Please keep in mind that I am a growth manager and these stocks are not for everyone. FULL DISCLOSURE – I currently hold positions in these stocks for clients (subject to change at any time) but I also have a loss cutting discipline in case I am wrong. It is impossible to guide people how to trade any idea because everyone has different time frames. If the market cooperates, these stocks could have decent potential over the next 6-12 months.

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1) Zscaler (Symbol: ZS) is a cloud security software company. Technically, the stock is forming an ascending base. Fundamentally, they are growing revenues at over 60% and increasing their earnings at a triple-digit rate. I have mentioned this stock several times on Twitter in the $40-$50 range, but I still think it has strong potential based on bullish option activity and its total addressable market.

2) Zillow is an online real estate company (Class C shares are symbol: Z, Class A shares are: ZG). One of their original founders returned as CEO earlier this year and the company is venturing into many new verticals. (QUICK NOTE: With all these ideas, if you’re interested in taking a position, I encourage you to put in some work and do your own research). Its accelerating revenue growth, bullish option activity and very sharp insider buying are some of the reasons I like this stock.

3) NeoGenomics (Symbol: NEO) operates a network of cancer-focused genetic testing laboratories. You can see in the MarketSmith chart below their impressive accelerating revenue. This is probably the most speculative of my 3 ideas, but the stock is in a hot sector and has some bullish option positioning into year-end.

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