Over the years, as I built a presence on Twitter and StockTwits, many people approached me about managing their assets. The only investment vehicle I had setup was a hedge fund. That structure was fine at the time because it was mainly my money, some close friends, and family. As more outside investors wanted to get involved, I needed to change my structure for the following reasons:

1) Transparency. My number one priority was to give investors 100% transparency and visibility. Specifically: Access to trades, positions, and balances in real-time.

2) Retirement accounts. Most people have a 401k at their job which is managed by their Plan Administrator. When people leave their job, they are allowed to rollover their funds into an IRA account, however, they usually don’t have anyone to manage it for them. My new structure allows for both taxable and retirement accounts.

3) Reputable Custodian. Client assets are kept at Interactive Brokers. Rated #1 by Barron’s as Best Online Broker, two years in a row.

4) No lock-up period. Because the accounts are under the client’s name, they have the ability to leave or add money whenever they want.

5) No longer a one-man shop. Partnering with a firm provides additional contacts and resources for client needs.

THE BOTTOM LINE: I wanted a structure to give people comfort and transparency with their investments.

I moved to New York City and partnered with Zor Capital, LLC. Frank Zorrilla, the firm’s founder, already had the structure in place that I was looking for, and it was a homerun to join his firm. Zor Capital provides managed accounts for accredited investors and institutions. If you would like more information, please email me at jfahmy@zorcapital.com or visit the company’s website.