In December 2012, the greatest Rock and Roll band of all time received the prestigious Kennedy Center Honors. The following video is the 22-minute ceremony honoring Led Zeppelin. Here are the highlights:

1) I agree with Jack Black when he describes Led Zeppelin as the “Best Band Ever.”
2) The audience is filled with many dignitaries, including President Obama and First Lady Michelle. It’s awesome to see the entire crowd almost “feel the music” in their souls.
3) The final song of the night is one of the best covers of Stairway to Heaven. It not only moved Robert Plant to tears, but you could really feel the emotion at the 19:39 mark when Jason Bonham (son of the band’s late drummer John) looks up, only to close his eyes.
4) Oh yeah, did I mention the Stairway to Heaven cover. One of the best voices (Ann Wilson) accompanied by a chorus, an orchestra, and a LARGER chorus at the end! Wow!
5) Most importantly, it’s just awesome watching the band members having a good time and really feeling the music. Enjoy!

Jack Black Introduction to Led Zeppelin (0:00-7:00)
Foo Fighters performing Rock and Roll (7:05-9:21)
Kid Rock performing Babe I’m Gonna Leave You Intro into Ramble On (9:24-11:38)
Lenny Kravitz performing Whole Lotta Love (11:43-13:47)
Heart W/ Jason Bonham performing Stairway To Heaven (13:49-20:37)

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